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Murat Unver

Fraternity - Development - Communication - Open-Mindedness

I was born in 1969, so; I am a pure "Generation X" man living with his daughter, 19. I am a planned guy who likes to learn, read, communicate, and share.

During my education, I was good with numbers. In my first year of high school, I failed in literature and had to take the summer final exam. That summer was a three-month period that changed my life: I learned literature(the appreciated subjects, of course), writing, and speaking. I've put these gains with my extroverted personality together and here I am!

Even though I have had a good career in sales and marketing with my analytical thinking and command of three languages I can speak, one of my core values "sharing" had always been a little incomplete. I have been able to nurture this important value of mine via the training and consultancy business that I have been executing since 2004.

I started my trainer career with sales, marketing, and communication training. In a few years, I expanded my training list with the "Effective Presentation Skills" program which I later changed to "Strategic Presentation Skills". 

It has been about ten years since I met the entrepreneurship ecosystem. In the summer of 2014, the manager of Startupbootcamp(SBC) Istanbul asked me to provide Pitching training to its entrepreneurs.

We did a pleasant training, but there was a missing piece for perfection: There is an idiom: “Practice makes perfect”. There is an equivalent of this idiom in every language, I'm sure.  Although I had no such commitment, we had an intense, enjoyable, and successful 1 to 1 Pitching mentoring sessions with SBC İstanbul '14 entrepreneurs. We implemented a package of training and 1 to 1 mentorship each year that followed. Pelin and her venture "Zeplin", are in the US now. So is Monument, one of the ventures of the second year. I remember Ercan's jokingly resistance regarding his opening sentence: "Memories: That’s what the life is made of!". My Pitching mentoring business with entrepreneurs that started in 2014 continues at full speed. I have worked with entrepreneurs from many countries during these seven years. From Greece to Poland, from the US to the UAE… 

The world has been living "online" since the COVID-19 epidemic, which completely paralyzed the social side of our lives. This epidemic speeded up the 21st century's obligatory need for companies' "Digital Transformation". 

Being a part of the World, I decided to start providing online services to share my face-to-face gained multinational experiences with entrepreneurs globally. What I want is to make true touches on new ventures and to be a part of their tomorrow's success...

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